7.30pm, Brigsteer Village Hall

Weaving Pearls – Tales from Persia’   

by Xanthe Gresham


As water weaves pearls in shells, so the old poets wove words and strung them on a thread of story, only speak their bright words, say their bright lines and their heads will pop up out of the stream of time like little fish…..’ (12th century Persian poet, Nizami)

In this selection of tales from Iran, Expect Kings in search of erotic adventure, Princesses red in word and deed and the magical phoenix, Simorgh, whose wings outshine the sun.

Xanthe Gresham Knight has worked on stories from the epic culture of Iran for decades thanks to support from the British Museum, The Smithsonian, Harvard University, the Crick Crack Club and Adverse Camber.  She considers herself to be very much at the beginning of her studies but loves to share these stories that continue to fascinate.

“She speaks like a woman spitting jewels” Arts Council

Xanthe Gresham summons goddesses and heroes to take centre stage, not from some long forgotten past, but emanating from here and now, you and me. She unfolds each tale like the petals of a lotus.  At the end, you leave with something beautiful created in your own mind. British Theatre Review

Xanthe’s work is highly energetic and distinctive and has captivated audiences all over the world:  We were enraptured!  The Telegraph;    Exquisite timing!  The Irish Times;    Held the audience in the palm of her hand!  New Zealand Times.