7.30pm, Brigsteer Village Hall


and other tales to lighten dark times’

Helen East & Rick Wilson

Storyteller Helen East and percussionist Rick Wilson, major figures in the storytelling revival, create a dynamic combination of words, rhythm, movement and music.


Narrative meanders in and out of song, slipping easily from one style to another; drums and melody instruments underpin the pace and atmosphere. Themes of light and darkness, bears, bankers and beggars, hopes, dreams and all things in between, and how and why we behave, are are explored with thoughtful humour and ingenuity, following thin threads of reason and connection, winding through heartbreak, hilarity, fatalism and an unexpected twist or two. Traditional tales – learnt directly from friends around the world: Africa to Greenland, Jordan to Jerusalem – told with contemporary rhythm and relevance.

“One of the finest storytellers in the UK” Duncan Williamson

“Wonderful – an amazing introduction to storytelling for those that hadn’t been before and a re-affirmation of the power and joy of storytelling for seasoned listeners.” Amy Douglas