Brigsteer Village Hall, 7.30pm

Told with Christine’s characteristic wit and warmth, Goosewing is a bittersweet tale of loss, hope and redemption. And there are mice involved…
You may even discover what use is a goose!

In 2011 Christine was specially commissioned by Festival at the the Edge to produce an original work of storytelling. “Goosewing” is her resulting creation.


Christine McMahon is a vibrant Storyteller with an international reputation. She has a love of traditional folktales, particularly those with a link to her Northern roots. Born in Lancashire, living in Yorkshire, her ready wit and warm manner , mixed with a dollop of Northern grit make her a unique performer who tells tales close to home even when she is far away!

Born to a Lancashire father and a Yorkshire mother. Christine has lived her life on both sides of the crags, “where the rocks of Lancashire and Yorkshire frown in close but harmless proximity.”