7.30pm, Brigsteer Village Hall


Stories beyond norms

Mats Rehnman


A show, based on transgender stories from the Arab and Indian tradition and Greek mythology.

Who is male and who is female?

These are questions we struggle with in our time, but mythology and folktales have dealt with the questions too.

In search for stories in which contemporary transgenders could recognize themselves, Mats Rehnman has found the stories that say it all.


Mats Rehnman is internationally respected for his ‘investigative storytelling’.  He searches for ancient, traditional stories all around the globe and reworks them into contemporary tales that touch the hearts and ravish the minds of his audiences.

As a writer and illustrator he has published many poetry and children’s books. Mats performs regularly in festivals around the world. He is a master in the storytelling renaissance in Sweden

“I discovered storytelling in 1987 when I as a writer visited a library in Stockholm an spontanously switched from reading to telling. It was a passionate moment and a change for life. Since then I have performed all over Sweden for all sorts of audiences, hired by festivals, theatres, scools, libraries, radio, corporations etc, with both traditional and original stories.”

In 2001 Mats recieved the Mickelprize att the Ljungby Storytelling Festival.