World Premiere at Stealing Thunder Storytelling Festival 2023!!

The most fallen of angels, Lucy Lill and Sarah Liisa Wilkinson, bring you myths of descent, unearthing, and the underworld. Stories to drag you down from heaven to earth, and far beyond.
Twisting through tangled roots, delving past slumbering, moss-mouthed giants, and drawing back mouldering veils sewn from misery. 
Join them on this guided tour of The Great Below, and please keep your baggage attended. At. All Times.
Recommended for ages 14+

Lucy Lill is a storyteller and performer based in London. She has told stories in museums, theatres, festivals, schools, and fields up and down the country for organisations like the Crick Crack Club,  Kew Gardens, The Wellcome Collection, Half Moon Children’s Theatre, Beyond the Border and many others. She co-produces events with Alys Torrance as Story Jam and is an associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins. 

Sarah Liisa Wilkinson is a storyteller who delights audiences with her always engaging, energetic and playful performance style. She has a particular interest in the folktales and myths of Finland and other Nordic lands, but loves to tell tales from all around the world. She has trained as a performer with Philippe Gaulier, and as a storyteller with Nell Phoenix and Ben Haggarty, and has told stories to people in the UK and internationally in theatres, clubs, pubs, festivals, churches, front rooms and all-night sleepovers. She is a member of The Embers Collective, a storytelling and music group in London.