Hosted by Kendal Mountain Book Festival

The Dreamtime Fellrunner is a theatrical and poetic portrayal of experiencing the fells as a runner— not simply seeking the buzz of achievement, but searching for, and finding, a deeper nourishment from an activity which is not just a sport but a way of life. Written and performed by Julie Carter, the piece is a poetic, fun and moving exploration of Julie’s fellrunning life and of the wider emotional and cultural resonances to be found in outdoor sports. 

Julie has been collaborating with the director Dan Bye ( and the sound artist Stefan Escreet ( has created an evocative soundscape to support the performance. As a writer of poetry and prose Julie directly involves her important sporting and literary influences. During the performance you will encounter some colourful characters including Joss Naylor, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Virginia Woolf, Audre Lorde and William Blake.

Julie is well-known in the Cumbrian fellrunning community both as a runner and a writer. Born and bred in Sunderland she is creature of the North who has spent most of her professional life as a practicing medic. Her popular book Running the Red Line ( charts her emotional journey from the grief of losing a close friend to finding strength and healing through running on the fells, eventually becoming a British Veteran Champion. Her film I Am a Fellrunner co-directed by Jessie Leong, ( has received laurels from nine film festivals and has been an inspiration to many, regardless of whether they run or not.

Her thought provoking Mindfell Blog can be found at