Saturday 3rd June, 11.30am

Venue: Storm in a Teacup

A story about fear, growing up, and about love. But mostly about fear… or mostly about love?

What if your emotions take over and love calls them to order? What if fear paralyzes and love unnerves?

‘Prince Omar’ is a tale with Moroccan roots told by storyteller Katty Wtterwulghe from Belgium.

Recommended for adults and young people aged 10+

Katty Wtterwulghe (master in WordArt & Drama & movement expression therapist) has been teaching for over 30 years at the Urban Academy for Music-WordArt-Sculpture of Ekeren.

Katty tells, interprets, presents, creates, plays and writes texts. She works both solo and with anyone who has the same passion for music and story’s or poetry. She tells story’s about the big and small sides of people, for young and old(er). Story’s full of humor that do not shy away from seriousness.

Katty played for years in secondary schools for Theaterwerkgroep ‘De Mus’. She has made performances for the International Storytelling Festival Alden Biesen: ‘Or did you? Or not?’ with Veva Gerard, ‘Today’s Heroes – Stories of Courage, Fear and Trust – Real stories from ordinary people can change the world’ under supervision of Pauline Seebreghts (NL),  ‘Kofferkind / about the strength of children of divorced parents’ solo, ‘Wintersleepwalker’ with celliste Katelijn Van Kerkckhoven for primary school and in April 2023 she will be telling in Alden Biesen in a bilingual story together with Emily Hennessey (GB).

Since 2018 she has been traveling around with her story’s & story show ‘Kofferkind / about the strength of children of divorced parents’, in which she supplements her own story with story’s from world literature, mythology and folk culture.
Katty teaches ‘Storytelling’ at the Urban Academy of Music-WordArt-Sculpture Ekeren.

For Katty, telling is ‘being together, exchanging, passing on, sniffing’. Telling is emotion. After her education at the Brussels Conservatory of Word Art and her Master of Word Art Drama at LUCA Leuven, she has grown into a storyteller of just about everything that can and should be passed on. Telling is a kind of coming home.