We bring years of experience and expertise to our school sessions. We offer storytelling performances and workshops to all ages. We can even bring our own magical venue to your school!

Costs start at £300 per day plus travel.

Get in touch to book: admin@stealingthunder.co.uk / 07890112574

Brought to you by the spellbinding storytellers at Stealing Thunder, the StoryDen is a beautiful bell tent inside which the storyteller brings to life myths, epics, fairytales and folktales from every corner of the world.

Aimed at EYFS, KS1 & KS2.

Stories & Learning

Children will develop skills in:
speaking & listening
using engaging language & vivid descriptions
recounting events
exploring choices and emotions
word play, rhythm, rhyme & story structure
scene setting & character development

Children will be inspired to:
re-tell the stories in their own words through storytelling & creative writing
discover more stories through their own reading
create and write their own narratives

Above all, they will delight in the experience of being swept away into worlds of wonder and imagination in an enchanting environment.

Requirements: 9m flat, grassy surface

Cost: £350 per day plus travel

Teacher feedback:

The children loved the StoryDen, it was a really immersive experience and reminded the children of the true magic stories possess.

“The StoryDen was magical experience for the children, the den was transformed into a magical place where stories come alive.”

“It was a perfect way to share stories for all the children regardless of language barriers or ability, my children loved it. The set up was perfect and added to the beauty of the experience.