Brigsteer Village Hall 7.30pm


Emily Hennessey

Some say trolls should stay in the shadows, shut out, banished to the mind’s edge-lands. But what we do not face will haunt us.
Emily takes the dark path, lifts the stone in the forest, seeks what hides in the damp moss and gives shape to this mysterious, hairy creature.
It’s time to Talk Troll!

“an enthralling performer  Exeunt Magazine

“an outstanding performance storyteller”  The Latest

“a mesmerising storyteller” Everything Theatre


EMILY HENNESSEY was kidnapped by trolls as a baby, and brought up in the Swedish forest where she learned to cook porridge, steal gold and scare children; skills which are useful to her now as a storyteller.

One of her many missions in life is to teach people about trolls who are sometimes just a little bit misunderstood. (Sometimes. Not always. Many WILL try to eat you.)